Heidelberg Borough Tax Collector

Providing Real Estate Tax Collection for Heidelberg Borough and Chartiers Valley School District.

Online Payments

Credit card processing image

Credit Card or e-Check Payment

Credit card or e-Check payment are available thru MuniciPay Services.

Please read below for more information.

To Process a Credit Card / e-Check at the Office:

In order to process a credit card or e-Check payment at the office, please bring one form of state / federal issued ID, your tax statement, and credit card or bank account information.

Read below for fee structure.


Follow the link below for secure payment site:

NOTE: Account is NOT required, but will allow you to get property tax receipts and alert you when new tax bills are available to view.

Credit Card / e-Check Payment


Link will be available after 7/1/2019.

Frequent Asked Questions...

  • If I return a credit card / e-Check authorization form, what will happen to it?
    • Authorization slip will be retained for a period of 7 days, until payment verification can be be made. After 7 days, authorization slip will be cross-cut shredded.
  • What are the fees associated with credit card or e-Check processing?
    • Credit card process will have a 2.65% ($3.00 minimum) transaction fee per payment.
    • e-Check fee will be $1.50 per transaction.
  • Can I payment for multiple properties at once?
    • Yes.
    • There is no parcel # limit. However, there is a limit to $100,000 per transaction.
  • What if my transaction is over $100,000?
  • My tax bill amount and MuniciPay amount are not the same. Why is that?
    • The MuniciPay system cannot list multiple years of payments separately.
    • There are separate payment gateways for 
    • Please contact the office at (412) 276-5653 or heidelbergtaxcollector@gmail.com for more information. 

2019 Heidelberg borough real estate tax

2019 Boro. Real Estate Taxes are in the mail.

  • Millage has increased to 7.95 for 2019.
  • Discount payments have to be received or postmarked by 5/31/2019. Any discount payment received after this date will be returned.
  • FACE payments are due / postmarked by 7/31/2019. Any FACE payment received after this date will be returned.
  • 10% penalty will be applied to any unpaid property after 7/31/2019.
  • Properties are considered delinquent as of 12/31/21. Unpaid property will be turned over to Jordan Tax Service for lien. NOTE: Open balance for unpaid property turned over for lien will approximately double.

Tax due date & important notifications

For important tax information and updates, please subscribe to the email list. Emails will be limited to 1-2 per month. We do NOT provide your information to third party vendors.